aubrey (bride)

Thank you doesn't even seem like a near sufficient enough way to say how grateful we are for this video. We feel 10,000% that we undoubtedly had the best videographer in the industry and appreciate, beyond words, that you agreed to be a part of our wedding day. In some weird way we know that our day would not have been the same without you and your magician like ways with a camera (especially in coordination with Sean and Elizabeth...we had no idea heading into planning that we had "Teamo Supremo" on board for our big celebration!).

We sincerely had a great time getting to know you a bit, even if only for a few hours, and had a great time working with you to get some stellar shots! Bart and I both consider ourselves fortunate for the people we got to work with that day to create and capture such a huge time in our life.

yasmine (bride)

I think it took me this long to get to you because I was left with no words...
I cant thank you enough for this beautiful compilation and most of all the details, peoples expressions, you included so much emotion and energy and what gave me goosebumps and drove John insane was how you synced and brought together the Song with his solo part! AH-MAAAA-ZINGGGGG!!!!!

Bless you and that talent you have and THANK YOU! I hope you continue growing and spreading that talent to those lucky enough to snag you ��

morgan (bride)


I just wanted to let you know that Daniel and I watched the video last night (I don’t think I’ve stopped replaying it since) and it is absolutely breathtaking to say the least! It took a lot of self-control to not just watch a few seconds the whole day I had to wait to see it when he got home. I truly cannot imagine anything more special or priceless than this. Thank you for capturing every moment and emotion so perfectly. It genuinely felt like we were there all over again. It’s funny because Daniel kept saying, “Did you tell him to do that?” so many times throughout the video, and every time I was like, “no! He just did it!” because it felt so very personal and every detail you included were the things we loved the most.

rachel (bride)

THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING IVE EVER SEEN. Ok I'll stop yelling, but seriously, amazing. I can't stop crying. Everyone at the wedding had no idea we had a videographer, you were so sneaky. And caught some of the sweetest moments. And the music! Perfect! I can't thank you enough.

nick (groom)

Holy crap... That video was amazing... simply amazing. We immediately watched it through twice, and were crying through both. Laughing at one minute and crying at another. You guys did such an incredible job not only getting absolutely beautiful shots but completely capturing the mood and tone and emotion of our wedding and our personality too. Blown away. We can't thank you enough, man. Honestly, your video was the thing we were looking forward to the most after getting back from the honeymoon, so you kind of had a lot of pressure riding on you, but you delivered something that far exceeded anything we had pictured. And the music... perfect! I don't think I've heard any of those songs before, and we absolutely love them. Fantastic choices. Finally, we really enjoyed working with you and Jonathan. You guys were the perfect balance of fun and professional.

zach (groom)

WOW!  We LOVE it! You truly did an amazing job. Thank you!  Your cinematography, editing, music... All of it is awesome! It was so great to wake up on our honeymoon and see that! I think we've already watched it a hundred times! You captured so many amazing moments so beautifully.  I can hardly find the words to describe how wonderful it is. Being able to relive that day in such a way really solidifies the experience and your work showcases that experience perfectly. Thank you so much for all of the work and creativity you put in to this. We are so proud of it and can't wait to share it. You are incredibly talented.

amy (bride)

Wow. I don't even have words to express how grateful I am to have had you guys capture our day. We just watched the memory film, and I got to relive it all, feelings, tears, and laughs, through the beautiful piece of work you created. I am seriously obsessed.

To have something like this, both the wedding video (which the entire world is loving!!) and the memory film, is so special. I can't wait to get to relive our wedding, thanks to you, many times in the near and far future.

claiborne (bride)

PJ, there are no words that I can find to describe Pierre's and my pure happiness when watching this video. We got it last night (the last night of our honeymoon, it couldn't have been more perfect timing), and every single emotion that we felt that day came rushing back! It was amazing to see it from your view, and what the day looked like to everyone else. I feel like you captured the day in a way that is so incredibly unique, yet so incredibly the two of us.

kristen (bride)

PJ--OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Charles and I just watched it and were boohooing through laughter.  It is so amazing and the most incredible way to remember the best day of my life. Seriously--you guys absolutely ROCK. Can we do it all over again next weekend???!! I cannot thank you enough for capturing the true essence of that day. We will cherish this forever. Many, many thanks, love, appreciation and high-fives.

kristin l. (bride)

My entire experience working with PJ and Life In Rewind was beyond wonderful! First of all PJ is super cool and awesome to work with - he wanted to get to know my husband and I before filming so when he made our video it was true to us. We have watched our wedding film about 30 times so far, and it is absolutely fantastic! Just look at his website or Facebook and you can see how talented he is! Thank you, PJ, for creating such a beautiful and fun video that we will cherish forever! You are truly the best!

emily (bride)

Seriously every time I watch it, I discover something new! I love how you put our first dance into different parts of the video; I love the shots you got of our mothers; I love all the shots of us at the beach - I just love all of it!!! The ending where the sky is sped up is breathtaking. Wow, just wow. Also, I have no idea how you got so many different views during the ceremony itself - you must have been running back and forth or you had like 5 cameras set up?!? Amazing.

t.j. (groom)

Wow! Your work is amazing. Katie is already telling people Life in Rewind is the best decision she made for our wedding. I promise we have already watched the video 50 times.

caroline (bride)

I am so sorry I have waited this long to tell you HOW OBSESSED we are with this video!!! Rob and I have already watched it 20 times today!  Everyone is blown away.  I am not sure how you captured every big moment and so many amazing little ones. You even caught the "random hookup" couple dancing together-- which is priceless! Thank you so much! You are so talented!

amber (bride)

YOU. ARE. INCREDIBLE.  Daniel and I could not be happier with the video - words cannot express.  I am currently laughing and crying all at the same time!

whitney (bride)

Wanted to send a quick note and say thank you again for the amazing video! I can't even begin to tell you how many people have been reaching out to us telling us it was the best video they have seen!

natalie (bride)

OMG!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the video! You crushed it. Absolutely amazing! We are still in awe! I've watched it 10+ times and still cry every time! :)

Thank you for your kind words, we are so grateful you could be there to capture our special day!

courtney (bride)

You are unreal and this video is everything! Thank you for being so awesome and great to work with!! I haven't got a bit of work done today because I'm watching this on repeat!

rishi (groom)

First off, thank you for being so unbelievable the whole wedding day. Secondly, that is the best freaking wedding video i have ever seen! Awesome job and you are ridiculously talented. I want you to know how happy we are that we chose you as our videographer.

julia n. (mother of the bride)

I am speechless. The video is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen!! You are so talented! Chill bumps and tears..

robert s. (groom)

I never thanked you for the great job you did at our wedding. In fact, my wife was opposed to doing a video of our wedding. She now says the Life In Rewind was the best investment we spent on our wedding. PJ, nice job, she is happy and I look like a super star for hiring you!

lori m. (wedding planner)

Not kidding when I say everyone is talking about your work . Put it on my Facebook page and have tons of likes! I really am amazed at your ability to capture the spirit of people and then to edit it in such a beautiful way. Bravo !!!

linda b. (photographer)

Amazing work. We all just watched your videos at my office and cried and we don't even know these people!!! You are an amazing story teller and videographer.

annalee w. (bride)

We just watched the video and it is AMAZING. We love it! WE feel so blessed to have found you to do our wedding. We will cherish this forever.

jarrod f. (owner: defined therapeutic massage)

Creative, unique, and passionate are just a couple ways to describe the work that comes from Life in Rewind. PJ is a master of his art that looks far beyond the box and has the patience and pure talent that creates a vision that is more than you can imagine.If you are looking for video production...look no further than Life in Rewind.

shawn m. (music executive)

Just got home, sat down and watched your video 5 times in a row... it kicks a$$

charmaine g. (bride)

You have no idea how many compliments I’ve received on the video!! Especially at work, people have been passing it around and coming up to me saying how much they loved it and thought you captured our true selves. I’ve watched it about 20 times already and have downloaded the background music to my ipod. Yeah I know, I’m crazy…but, I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.

megan m. (bride)

The most amazing Video PJ!!!! You captured what I wanted my wedding to be A PARTY!!!! Thank you so much I cannot wait to show this to everyone!!!!