we enjoy reading emails, but let me try and save everyone some time and effort by answering some of the most common questions we receive.​


– every couple is different, so we customize our packages around what each individual couple is looking for. if you have no clue about what you’re looking for, we can send you some suggestions of things we have done in the past.
– with each wedding package, you will receive 2 films.  you will receive our creative wedding film, which is just like the wedding films you see on our website.  this is the film that the entire world will see, so we put every ounce of creativity into this film. then you will receive our memory film which will show your vows, 1st dances, speeches, and cake cutting.
– traveling is our first love, so we love to travel to film events. we love it even more if it’s to a tropical location.
– after you choose the package you want, we will send over a fancy contract for you to review and sign. you send that back to us along with a 50% deposit to save your date. then you sit back and relax. the remaining balance is due one week after the wedding.
– this is our favorite question to answer, i mean a guys gotta eat! we take cash, check and credit cards.
– not at all. our goal is to be ninjas with cameras. we want to get amazing, emotion filled shots without you even noticing we’re there. we never ask you to stage any shots either. its your big day, so the last thing you want is us telling you what to do. we want to capture all the real, candid moments of the day.